Vincent and Vivica Von'Dorne. The Daring Duo of Versatile Vaudeville Dandies

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Once there lived a Goddess by the name of Luciana. She was the goddess of many masks.
fair and beautiful was she, and powerful, but she was never satisfied. while she affected all walks of life, she was never to be a greater deity of any portfolio. This angered her to no end, and for a thousand years, she plotted,

They say for a god to attempt to take the life of another is inexcusable, but that is exactly what she did, one by one she subdued the other gods many lesser deities, but she had not gone unnoticed, Torag the father of creation took notice of her actions. he cast her out of the upper planes he removed her divinity, and split her soul in two. no longer was she the goddess of many masks, but she would live a life as mortal, knowing only tragedy, and be a comedy for the other gods to mock.

Vincent and Vivica found life on the last day of autumn, 7 years ago, they were not born as traditional mortals but rather were found asleep resembling the age of adolescence upon the stage of the theater, named the Majestic. they share emotions, and are each a representation of an aspect of luciana’s soul.

Perhaps this was an ounce of mercy given to luciana, or perhaps it was her dictating her own fate, but the owner of this theater Dianna Von’Dorne was a worshipper of her. as theater folk are often associated with generosity she took them in, and raised them till the age of maturity, this was the last hint of generosity they would know.

life was for them was destined to be hard, for them it was as if their fate was scripted in a hastily written play. They had no money, nor did they have a large circle of friends, but the managed to get by, they lived in the upstairs of the theater, and took care of cleaning it and working for their adoptive mother.

But that did not last long, as Dianna became ill, no amount of magical healing could save her, the clerics were puzzled by this, but it mattered not. the theater went bankrupt with only the twins to manage it. Dianna passed away, and they grieved for the only family they had in this world.

The Show must go on, that was the motto they lived by, while they could no longer keep the theater open, they still resided there, They took jobs as crewmembers among the airships. for a couple years Vincent was training to be a pilot, while they had Vivica attending to things like cooking. however, whilst on the ship named Desire. they were docked in the town of Davenport. The captain took Vincent into port, Vivica was left aboard the ship.

That night after a bit of drinking, one of the crew members a man by the name of Yahmiah made an advance at Vivica, though the cabin was filled with people, none of them attempted to stop him. They say dvati can feel each others pain, and at this moment, both of them changed forever. Vincent could feel and sense everything that was happening to her, but because he was too far away, he could do nothing to help her.

He tried to convince the captain to let him go back to the ship to help her, but not knowing they were dvati, the captain assumed he was paranoid. Eventually vincent ran off to the ship, only to find vivica being violated. he ran in, grabbed a revolver from Yahmiah’s holster and shot him in the chest. this prompted the rest of the crew to act and try to restrain him.

When the captain arrived on the scene not a single member of the crew would say what happened, in front of him, lay a man shot through his heart, whom needed clerical attention, and another whom was being held down by four men. aside from the girl in tears, it looked as if there was nothing that provoked vincent except paranoia.

There was no justice that night, vincent was brought to the port’s law enforcement, and arrested, they were both relieved from their work, and neither received compensation. times were hard, vincent was held for three days, but do to the crew leaving before he was tried, he was released, never to enter the town of Davenport again.

They returned to the only place they ever called home, the Majestic. it wasn’t long however before another tragedy struck, during riots in the city of Pristol, the Majestic was one of many buildings caught in fire, without having anyone to turn to, their fate only seemed worsen. things got worse, as they were visited by their former crew, what little they did have was taken. and they needed to find a new way to survive.

Vincent and Vivica Von'Dorne. The Daring Duo of Versatile Vaudeville Dandies

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