Character Creation

System: Pathfinder Tristalt
Player Count: Three to Four Players Still Needed
Style of Play: Humerous but serious
Allowed Content:

  • Pathfinder Core
  • Pathfinder 3rd Party
  • Oslecamo’s Improved Monster Classes – ALL listed Race Classes are allowed (See Below)

Character Creation:

  • Backstory: Simple if you are a commoner, More in depth if you keep the nobility Feat
  • Experience: Complicated (See Below)
  • Wealth: WBL Lvl 5
  • Ability Scores: 35 Point buy
  • Hitpoints/Health: Max
  • Alignment: Any (Please limit seriously conflicting alignments in the party)

Other Notes:

This Game is tristalt, but a bit different.

Firstly you have a race path (One leg of the tristalt), this starts at lvl one and doesn’t advance via exp.
You need to pick 20 levels to fill this path from the following:

  • Oslecamo’s Race Classes (Linked above)
  • Oslecamo’s Templates (Linked above)
  • Standard pathfinder Monster Templates (3rd Party or Core)
  • Mythic Tiers (Mythic 10 does not grant Immortality however)

ALL Templates are allowed
Everything granted by the Race path is in addition to anything granted by class – This means Hit Dice, Skill Points, Spells, saves, BAB, etc. also Race path abilities that state they stack with specific classes will stack even though it’s tristalt.
This Path will advance as your GM [me] says so, not via standard EXP.
You must pick the full 20 levels for this path at the start including what level they go at (If there is more than one class) However this path only starts at lvl 1

The other two paths of the Tristalt are standard rules, Each at lvl 3, Only one path of these may be multi-Classed. (At higher level the locked path may take class relevant PrC’s) These classes advance via standard EXP as normal, Fast track EXP.

This basically makes the game a Gestalt with another Path (Like standard Mythic Tiers) as opposed to a normal Tristalt.

NO 3.5 Material other than Oslecamo’s Race Classes is allowed

One More thing – Everyone Starts with the Bonus Feat Nobility (This feat has no mechanical bonuses i.e it’s not a real feat listed in the books) OR you may trade it for any two other feats you qualify for (You can’t pick nobility again.)
- In otherwords you are either starting as nobles or Very talented Commoners – This will make a difference for RP and some game effects/NPC interactions.
- The Nobility Feat may be gained during the game via reward, but it is in no way something you will definitely gain.

Setting Information:

It’s Steampunk – Expect Dirgibles, Lasers and tesla coils, It’s also still pathfinder however – Expect dragons fighting Dirgibles, Elves Riding Hang gliders and Snipers on flying horses.
Firearms are everywhere – All firearms cost 10% and are considered Simple Weapons
The Following Modern Firearms are allowed but at the Following Base Prices:

  • Revolver, Nagant – 1000 gp
  • Mosin-Nagant Rifle – 1500 gp
  • Maxim Machine Gun – 3000 gp
  • Madsen Light Machine Gun – 2000 GP
  • M1914 COncussion Grenade – 100 GP
  • M1914 Fragmentation Grenade – 100 Gp

Modern Firearms are considered Martial Weapons not Simple.
Modern Firearm Ammo costs the same as Base Metal Cartridges (15 GP Per cartridge)
Standard Pathfinder Gods/Deities/Religions

Character Creation

Steam and Magic: A Tale of Dragons and Dirigibles KasmKat