The World as it Stands

with the changes of the world most races have drawn back into themselves, where once the races freely mixed and traveled amongst themselves now there are clear borders, borders fought over each year, fought over for Wealth, Minerals or power and sometimes for no readily apparent reason.

The Countries and Major Powers of the world:

Athea – The Drow Under alliance
Ashia – The Ork nations
Toriaal – The High Elven Homeland
Emmain – The Wood Elven Enclaves
Covanni – The Dwarven-Home Mines
Onemem Varis – The Land of the Fey, Ruled by the Ladies of Summer and Winter.
Ogria – The Gnomish Hills
Gorus – The Minotaur Caverns
Lessau – The Halfling lands
Vatassi – The Shrouded Lands
The Dragon Kingdoms – The Various Kingdoms of the Dragon Kinds

With the world slipping into disarray, recently the powers that be have claimed cities of their own. Now known as the cardinal cities these cities are separate from the other countries and powers that surround them. All located within 100 miles of each other in a rough diamond they surround what is now Known as The city of Balance the Home power of the Aeons. The space between each city is now a constant battlefield, day and night Fiends and Angels battle for supremacy upon these fields and to attempt to reach the city of balance is a risky proposition, Only Four roads lead to it now, each a direct path to one of the cardinal cities…

The Cardinal Cities:
Ostax – The City of Tears
Nevix – The City of Blood
Maasar – The City of Hope
Loress – The City of Peace
Dastar – The City of Balance

The World as it Stands

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