bard barbarian woman


long tall fair skin blonde hair with eyes so blue there purple…lips pink like a rose and eyes that know a mothers heart brake and a voice that could make you fly high like the notes of her guitar strings free from any walls or cage… she will be free


velvet has always been a kind calm person and the one to lighten the mood when most needed in her family…shes a hopeful soul and is normally vary loving and positive.

velvet story started when she learned to play her instrument and her and her family had a small threader they made good money and keeped a roof over there head …many people felt gypsy like them shouldn’t own any land for a lot of people held prejudice to them.

few months later velvet did have a baby with a man she had fallen in love with and spent most of her childhood with. she and him planed to get married once finding out she was round with child and she had given birth to a healthy baby girl and she had been very happy for the next few days…….velvet awoke one night to find her home the threader was on fire and she took her baby that always slept in her arms and she ran to get her soon to be husband and family she found her entrance was blocked and she had quickly climbed over some base beams and ran through the burning fire keeping herself alive and her baby safe if hardly… she ran quickly and found her family hardly alive and burning she tried to save her sister and older brother seeing her mother and father dead she dragged them to the door and she did her best to get them out….the ceiling cracked and started to fall….. but her older brother who was the kindness and love who always protected her from the world…. he pushed her out the door quickly as the ceiling collapsed in and that brief moment of fear and love her brother gave through his deep purple eyes and the flames morphing the face she remembered grew and that healed her in her times of need would forever haunt her ……she stood outside as the place collapsed holding her baby close and shaking watching everything she knew burn…..and alone…….

she had a tough time surviving after wards she did-int have much after the fire and slept in the rubble many days and only found her guitar ax in the rubble She played often music to her child and to pay for their food but it was ruining thin and she knew she had to leave…she couldn’t live in this honorably memory any more……she felt the town was cursed and maybe it was a hate crime…….she took her child and had a nice large amount of coin her friends gave her and gave it to a faerie man who would take her to the next city on boat…….velvet and her child where on a stream being moved out when Guard found her and the man and took them as smuggles and she was soon snatched up by her hair from the Gard and pulled her from the boat …..She clung to her baby in its little blanket and the guards mistaken it for stolen goods she had disguised in a blanket they ripped the blanket out of her hand and though velvet clawed to it with all her life her sleeping baby was ripped from her hand by the guards strength and the child tumbled down out of the blanket she was raped in….and velvet desperately tried to catch her but the guard yanked her back and the child fell to the ground and hitting her head…killing the newborn instantly……. velvet was broken and the Guard warped the child up in a blanket silently and took her into jail* …velvet never ate, slept, or spoke much as she thought on her past and was truly broken* ………*her coin was taken and guitar taken by the guard and she was shuffled into a crowded cage with other people like a herd of cattle ….velvet did-int eat….she did-int sleep…just waited for death……she was often wiped along with the others to see if she could speak to what she knows of the smuggling and she never responded…..

…soon the guards found her not guilty and released her with her guitar and she begged to find out what happened to her baby….they simply shrugged it off acting like they didn’t know and one guard gave her the little purple blanket he child was warped in and velvet just walked out the guards keep and walked straight for the gates that day…….she didn’t want to live her life before…the pain was unbearable…….she didn’t wanna live….she walked quickly and kept walking for a long time on a path until she came to the town …hungry…tired…..she was picked up by a old man who was a good old kind gypsy like her father…and gave her a hint where to go….get some work that wont ask questions…to get her away from her sadness…..she went to the air boat or the zeppelins and found the ship and looked between than two and decided…today…she wanted to be lost……

.she used the last of her money and went aboard the stilted barmaid and met some kind people …and realized she isn’t going to fit in as easy as she did with her folk


Steam and Magic: A Tale of Dragons and Dirigibles amber_vitek