Renown in recent memory for it’s blending of Magic and Technology into potent magitech Pristol is relatively lacking in Pure technological progress or Reliable Steam Tech. It is a land of Superior Prototypes that would be truly powerful if it only had the production capability to actually make them.

Until Recently it was ruled by the Twin Half Red Dragons Claude and Agatha Stormholt. Twins and lovers they were far more interested in advancing their understanding of magitech and in gaining personal power than in running their kingdom.

Their son Leorio was born to them rather unexpectedly, and even more unexpected he was born a true dragon. Realizing this as a once in a lifetime opportunity Claude and agatha decided to attempt the foulest of experiments, Turning their own child into a living Weapon of Mass Destruction – A Nuclear Dragon.

Learning of this their nobles finally found a cause to rally the commoners behind and led by the Rulers own Viceroy and leading the secretly raised and trained Free Legions they stormed the castle just as Claude and Agatha finished their final operation upon their son, completing the transformation…

Though the Free legions suffered massive casualties they managed to fight through the guards to the very chambers in which Leorio was experimented upon, finally Lord Alfone Von Wulfen was able to defeat the rulers and upon doing so immediatly released their son Leorio.

Though mentaly scarred and physically damaged Leorio was placed upon the throne with a council of advisors to assist him in repairing his parents follies…

Until recently the majority of the standing army was composed of the magical mutants created by the recently deposed Rulers. It is now composed of the recently raised Free legions, Each led by one of the lords of the rebellion.


Steam and Magic: A Tale of Dragons and Dirigibles KasmKat